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Activity training

The study plan of the PhD program in Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences involves the acquisition of 180 CFUs (Crediti Formativi Universitari = University Credits, consistent with the European Credit Transfer System, ECTS) 120 of them devoted to research activity and the remaining 60 to scientific and complementary training activities. The doctoral course can include a training period abroad, with a duration agreed between the supervisor and the PhD student.

Research activity
Research represent the core training activity and consists in carrying out an original research project, targeting a progressively increasing scientific independence along the three years. The project topics are definied for each PhD cycles by the Board of the PhD program, and published in the yearly PhD call. The projects are acrried out under the guidance of a supervisor, assigned by the Board of the PhD program.

Disciplinary and interdisciplinary training activity (24 CFU; for this type of activity: 1 CFU=4 h)
Each academic year, the PhD program offers 3 ad-hoc courses, each for 4 CFU (36 CFU offered in total per cycle, to be acquired over the 3 years: at least 24).
The list of the courses offered to the on-going PhD cycles and to the next one are listed in the section "Courses offered" (see below)

Complementary training activity (36 CFU; also for thys type of activity: 1 CFU=4 h)
Educational activities to be considered to attain this target include activities organized by the PhD School and other PhD programs of the PhD School, and activities selected by PhD students among the types listed in the following:

  • seminars organized by the PhD program and by PhD School
  • other CFU awarded activities organized by the PhD School (e.g. English courses, summer schools, etc). The CFU for each activity are established by the organizers.
  • participation to the "PhD days" at the end of each academic year (1.5 CFU per day; 13.5 CFU in total, to be obtained at least 12, except for special reasons, e.g., research period abroad, illness)
  • seminars
  • workshops, seminars, summer/winter schools (1.5 CFU per day)
  • third level courses organized by UniTO, other Universities, other high education/research institution
  • participation and presentation of a contribution to congresses/conferences (1 CFU per day) research period abroad (3 CFU per month for periods of at least one month and for a maximum of 18 CFUs )
  • research periods in Italian institution/research centres different from the usual workplace, such as companies, private laboratories, other Italian Universities, research institutes etc.) (2 CFU per month, for periods of at least one month and for a maximum of 12 CFUs )
  • assistance to teaching activities officially assigned by the Department/Degree Course (1 CFU each
    10 hours, within the yearly limit of 40 hours)

All activities will be recorded on the personal logbook.

All activities will be recorded on the personal logbook (downlodable from the website), printed and kept updated by the PhD student; additional pages could be added after downloading from the web site. The Committe of Didactic Activities could check the updating of the loogbook.

The list of educational activities attended and related CFU should appear in the annual presentation of each PhD student

Courses offered from the 33rd  until 37th cycles

To enroll in the courses it is necessary to log in with the student credentials

Corsi in ordine alfabetico

The following courses will be activated in the next three academic years, for students of the 34th, 35th and 36th cycles (and following):

Academic year 2020-2021 (for the 34th, 35th and 36th cycles)
Green and sustainable chemical processes
Molecular Imaging
Academic year 2021-2022 (for the 35th and 36th cycles, and following)
Advances in nanotechnology
Drug Design
Environmental pollution and health
Academic year 2021-2022 (for 36th cycles, and following)
Structure and function of natural and engineered enzymes
Engineering of viral genomes: viral vectors for delivering genes


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